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Who we are

Who We Are

Our Story

The Greener Grocer want to provide to the community, convenient, organic/eco-friendly produce that doesn't cost the earth!

The business was an idea that the Company Director, Nicola, would one day, dream of having. Now this dream is a reality, we want to be able to show that eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives are not causing a negative impact on your purse or the planet.

Ever since realising that our actions have consequences, Nicola has been trying to be greener with what options are available. After noticing that a lot of organic fruit and vegetables are wrapped in single use plastics at supermarkets, Nicola wanted to look at sourcing fresh, organic goods that reflect quality as well as a consideration of their carbon footprint. 

The Greener Grocer tries to be greener by considering the location of stock and how it is grown. Many people are now questioning where their clothes, furniture come from, so why not our food?

The Greener Grocer will always try to work on having 75% of stock sourced from the UK. We will not be the greenest but will always try to be a bit greener with our actions.

Apples in a Crate
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