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Organic Vegetables

Who We Are

Here at The Greener Grocer, we want to make sure that we can all shop a little greener without costing the earth.


As a new greengrocer, we aim to be more environmentally friendly, specialising in organic fruit and veg whilst also stocking a refill station for multiple household supplies.

May 2022 will see the opening of The Greener Grocer, a grocery shop that will also specialise in deliveries of subscription fruit and veg boxes to the local area. The grocery store is located in a shipping container at The Barnyards, Birchfield Road, Widnes.

Subscription boxes will be available to order as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly option. Ordering a box as a single unit is also available but we think you will be loving what you get in your Greener Grocer box, you will be wanting deliveries on a weekly basis! Deliveries for commerical outlets will also be available and if you would like to know more information on what can be offered, please email

A little about the owner

I would like to introduce myself as the owner of The Greener Grocer, Nicola. I previously worked for a consultancy in their Cyber department and wanted to have a career change in something that was more sustainable and providing a better work/life balance. The change of job is mainly down to my 2 year old son, Felix. I want to make sure I have helped reduce the impact of climate change in some shape or form so my son can have an environment he can grow up in that doesn’t resemble something out of the Disney film, Wall-E!

I look forward to meeting you all in the shop or when out delivering boxes. 

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